Fundraising Policy

  • Any fundraising event may not include corporate sponsorship, gifting or advertising unless approved and defined by the Finance Committee. Fundraising events cannot be held to benefit non-sponsored organizations or for-profit entities.
  • A Fundraising Event Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Finance Committee for approval preferably before the beginning of the fiscal year – July 1st – or 12 weeks prior to the fundraising event.
  • All fundraising opportunities must be approved annually except standing major events as follows: One (1) event for Crusade for Education Dinner/Auction and one (1) event for the Fall Raffle.
  • All income and expenses are to be reported following the event to the Finance Committee in a timely manner – 30 days recommended – and net proceeds and recipients will be posted annually at end of the fiscal year by the Finance Committee.
  • The full range of fundraising events must adhere to all Federal Government and Commonwealth of Kentucky regulations and licensing requirements, such as gaming, capital prizes or alcohol.
If looking for clarity on any of these issues, you may contact the principal at [email protected].
Corpus Christi Classical