Grammar School (3-6)

Grammar school continues to reinforce the important academic and social skills emphasized in the primary school:
  • quality written work completed in a timely manner
  • legible penmanship and accurate spelling
  • speed and accuracy in arithmetic
  • reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition
  • memorization of poetry and Scripture
  • appropriate classroom behavior
  • discipline and self-control
  • good manners and respect for adults and classmates
Students learn from well-designed materials, high quality content, and teacher-directed lessons. Students are motivated to work and learn because they are led by knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers. Students work hard and are rewarded every day with breaks for physical exercise, music, drawing, art, and review games. Students in grades 3-6 are carefully prepared for the reading of classical literature and history, and for advanced math and science, which begin in the Upper School in grade 7.
For the traditional curriculum:
  • Literature/Poetry, Grammar/Composition, Spelling, Cursive
  • The very best in English literature and poetry are taught in depth using Memoria Press study guides.
  • Saxon Math
  • The science curriculum develops the observational skills that lie at the heart of the scientific endeavor. Students study constellations, the solar system, invertebrates, insects, vertebrates, birds, plants, and tree identification.
  • Classical Studies build upon the foundations of Western History and Culture starting with an understanding of Greek, then Roman, then Medieval Europe, and culminating in American Studies.  Along the way, students study geography, both worldwide and American, including states and capitals. In order to understand the bigger view of history, each grade is thematic, based on the history being studied that year.  For example, American Studies will be studied along with American Literature, American Trees and Birds (pre-botany science), and American music (including our military hymns).
  • All of the above provides a body of knowledge that allows students to more fully and precisely express themselves through an enhanced understanding of both logic (organized thought) and rhetoric (persuasive speech).
For the classical curriculum:
  • Latin – Students memorize the complete Latin grammar and a Latin vocabulary of about 800 words.
  • Classical Studies  –  Students study Greek myths and Greek, Roman, and Medieval history.
  • Religion –  Students learn rubrics of the Faith from the Faith and Life series, read Bible stories and memorize Bible verses as well as selections from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Church history. The goal is not just completing religion as a subject, but seeing in our Catholic faith the beauty of salvation history and the joy it brings to enter the mystery!
Classwork: All lessons are teacher directed.  Students are given ample time to complete classroom assignments, which are carefully monitored so that students learn to do quality written work in a timely fashion.
Grammar/Composition: Students learn in-depth English grammar with extensive diagramming for mastery of English. They also learn to write in the style of classical literature through the Classical Composition study guides.  In this way, they learn mastery of writing and expression.
Homework: All material is covered carefully in class. Students who are attentive and work diligently in class should have no more than 30-45 minutes of homework each night.
Preparation (Homework)
A) Written
One complete math lesson every night
B) Study for exams
One exam each week, in spelling, Latin and math.  For spelling and Latin, students are provided with study guides, but exam material is reviewed  in class and should require minimum study at home.
C) Reading
1) Reading/rereading literature or classical studies texts and 2) Reading for pleasure
D) Latin vocabulary is cumulative and must be reviewed continuously throughout the year. Classical Studies cover a lot of material and should also be reviewed at least 10 minutes each night along with spelling words.
5th-6th graders preparing to recite the opening to the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution!

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