“I have 4 boys and we just made the move from a large Catholic school to Corpus Christi this year. I have already begun to see the transformation in my children.  They are happy and enjoy studying the material.  I am thankful for the teachers and am pleased with the curriculum.  Thank you! ~Mrs. V.

“I have never felt more welcomed anywhere.  The level of education and personal attention that my child has received are second to none!”  ~Jen V.

“The hard work, talent and preparation of your former students is truly a testament to the education that they received at your school.” ~Mrs. McCoy, Principal, Sacred Heart Academy

“Thank you for a wonderful first year of school for my son … We absolutely love the Corpus Christi community … You truly have a gem of a school. I think Connor came home from school every day a happier child. He learned so much academically but also I saw a huge improvement as far as independence, self-control, and Catholic faith/knowledge … Again, thank you for the work that you do to keep the Corpus Christi community alive … You are a blessing to Shelby County!” ~Mrs. M., Montessori Parent

Over the last fourteen years, this school helped form our five children into responsible, caring, reverent, and knowledgeable young people. The foundational teaching has helped them to be critical thinkers versus a Common Core mindset. Corpus Christi Classical Academy has been a blessing to our family and we wholeheartedly recommend parents to take advantage of the treasure that’s right here in Shelby County.” ~Pam W.

Corpus Christi Classical