First developed in 1897 by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori Method begins with the classroom environment, carefully prepared by the teacher with specially designed materials arranged according to specific subject areas. It is based on her early work with special needs children and her observations of pediatric developmental stages.
Children are free to move around the room to choose work pursuing their interests.  This approach promotes collaborative learning and encourages the development of a strong community, as well as respecting the natural processes of absorption of information for children three to six years of age.  Through repetitive engagement with the materials children develop self-control, abstract ideas from their experiences, and perfect and master concepts.
For children continuing into the primary grades, Corpus Christi Classical Academy offers a wonderful Kindergarten transition for five year olds which incorporates the Montessori program with age appropriate readiness for the classical curriculum.

Montessori Goals 

Practical Life: To help children care for themselves and their environment
Sensorial: To refine sensory experiences and children’s abilities to observe, compare, discriminate (visual, auditory, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory), reason, decide, and problem-solve
Language: To develop reading and writing readiness
Math: To develop exactness, concreteness, logic, reasoning, problem solving, and decision-making. Children progress from the concrete to an abstract understanding of quantities and symbols.
Science: To develop active scientific investigation, experimentation, and discovery
Social Studies/Geography: To learn about the physical and cultural world and to appreciate its diversity
Art: To develop artistic creativity through exploration of various art media
Music and Movement: To distinguish rhythm, pitch, timbre, intensity, form, cultural origin of music, and fine and gross motor skills
Religion: To develop a love for Christ and His Church, the children come in contact with materials that teach them about their Catholic faith, the sacraments, and the Seasons and Feasts of the Church.
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